Provincial Grand Lodge Officers 2019

Office Name Lodge No.
Provincial Grand Master R W Bro. Gilbert T Irvine 888
Provincial Deputy Grand Master R W Bro. Rev. Richard W Moore 411
Provincial Assistant Grand Master R W Bro. John Richardson 134
Provincial Assistant Grand Master
Provincial Senior Grand Warden W Bro W F Cooper 652
Provincial Junior Grand Warden W Bro. J McAdam 82
Provincial Grand Treasurer R W Bro. John A G James 299
Provincial Grand Secretary V W Bro. James Blair 231
Provincial Grand Chaplains R W Bro. Rev. Canon G N Little 655
V W Bro. Rev. Canon Dr W Murphy

R W Bro. Thomas W Watt



Provincial Grand Senior Grand Deacon W Bro. A Rolston 328
Provincial Grand Junior Grand Deacon W Bro. P Richardson 789
Provincial Grand Inner Guard W Bro. G S Merredew 411
Provincial Grand Supt. Of Works V W Bro. James McAdam 82
Provincial Director of Ceremonies R W Bro. Philip M Dowzell 299
V W Bro Brian L Ebbs

W Bro A Murphy



Provincial Asst. Grand Secretary Vacant
Provincial Grand Lodge Sword Bearer W Bro. R Stinson 623
Provincial Grand Lodge Steward of Charities W Bro. J Matchett 652
Provincial Grand Lodge Almoner  W Bro. J Montgomery 979
Provincial Grand Organist
Provincial Grand Lodge Standard Bearer W Bro. R Clarke 781
Provincial Grand Master Standard Bearer W Bro P Keegan 85
Provincial Grand Stewards W Bro. I Rodgers 789
W Bro. J Robinson 105
Provincial Grand Lodge Inspectors W Bro. Thomas Murphy 212
V W Bro. Roger  Gill 39
V W  Bro. Spencer  J P Lawson 625
W Bro. Jack Little 328
W Bro. Robert Bothwell 78
W Bro. Ivan Glass 789
W Bro.  D Maguire 794
P G L Rep at Grand Lodge of Instruction R W Bro M O Steenson 352
R W Bro. J Richardson 134
 Provincial Grand Lodge Instructors V W Bro. B  Ebbs

R W Bro. J Richardson

R W Bro. M Ossie Steenson




Provincial Local Charity Treasurers R W Bro. T J P Crozier 747
V W Bro. T McBirney 352
V W Bro. R Gill 39
W Bro. J Matchett 652
Bro. R Walsh 411
Provincial Grand Lodge Auditors W Bro. J H Baxter 134
V W Bro. R J Robinson 82
Provincial Grand Lodge Warden of Regalia W Bro. J Matchett 652
May 2019
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